• IKEA
  • Heineken
  • Bip&Drive
  • Line
  • Pernod Ricard


  • Case 1

    Working specifically on the population needs of an urban area, we have detected an opportunity for developing a mobile application that promotes a change in citizens’ habits through gamification. With a team of experts in innovation, we are developing the mechanisms and the design of the service.

  • Case 2

    We have designed and directed an online community of premium product consumers. For several months, more than 50 consumers in several Spanish cities gathered touch points, offered ideas and shared their lifestyles. The community allowed contributing ideas for redesigning different packaging, new promotions and exploring consumer trends.

  • Case 3

    Through an in-depth study on the emotional and functional effects of seasonal changes on households, we have helped to design ideas for improving this transition and for redesigning the client’s marketing calendar.

  • Case 4

    We have worked on the innovation process for re-developing a new drink, a process that has been covered by exploring the competitive context, studying the target’s habits and needs, generating insights and defining the marketing mix.

  • Case 5

    Through a statistical predictive behavioral model, we have analyzed the probability of success and the scope and estimate of sales of different promotions.

  • Case 6

    Along with a client from the telecommunications sector, we have worked on the application of the latest social and consumer trends in different projects.