Research is the pillar of our work

We understand research as an analytical and creative process that should lead to relevant knowledge for the client.

Each project is unique, and that is how we approach it. We look for the research strategies and tools that adapt best to the different information needs, life stages of the product or service and business modality.

At Telling, research is a two-fold exercise of reflection and comprehension: the first part focuses on the client’s needs and the second part on people’s reality and emotions.

We have extensive experience, which we apply to the consumer’s knowledge. More than 20 years doing social and consumer studies.

We approach research as a continuously evolving discipline, with the open and inquiring attitude of discoverers.

We were pioneers in incorporating new methodologies and tools in market research, such as ethnography, insight development and online communities, among others.

And we continue to advance.

According to the most recent findings, intuitive thought is the key of the consumer’s behavior. Therefore, we are currently exploring new work techniques such as gamification and neuromarketing in order to advance in the knowledge of more spontaneous behavior.

Extensive experience in studies

  • Brand development and communication
    • Brand image and positioning
    • Development of creative routes
    • Communication pre-test
    • Communication post-test
  • Product Evaluation and optimization
    • Product tests
    • Premium products
    • Usability test
    • Satisfaction test
    • Concept evaluation and creation
    • Packaging formats and design
  • Decision-making process
    • Immersion in specific targets
    • Shopping experience. SHOPPERS
    • Customer service evaluation