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A market research agency that specializes in discovering insights and social trends.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the solutions that will best inform their strategy and development every time.

Human Centered

Beyond Consumer-Centric, our research focus is Human-Centered to deliver the best client results. This means more in-depth, more strategic results for our clients.


We understand research as a constant flow of information between researchers, clients and consumers.


We observe the Spanish early adopters to ensure that the marketing, communication, innovation and research teams are aware of any social changes and can anticipate the new trends as well as the potential competitors.

It is the people at Telling Insights who make it possible. We are complementary, curious, and keep our finger on the latest academic, social and research trends.

Our clients come to us for our experience, flexibility and friendly service. We are proud of the loyalty of our clients.

we do...

Both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Small and large scale, national and international in scope in a wide range of sectors.

Turnkey digital, analog and hybrid research projects.

Using new market research methodologies such as UX, CX or Design Thinking. Learnings from a sector are applied to others.

Every project is unique, and that's our approach.



The relevance of mental health and care. After the rise of large social movements, such as sisterhood, we started to view empathy as a major contemporary value. This led to the recognition of what was until now taboo –mental health—and the sharing of experiences in social media, what we call Social Therapy, to help others and ourselves.


From rejecting labels to claiming a personal label –one however that nobody is allowed to impose on us, only we can. Instead of hiding the individual characteristics that distinguish us from others, we seek to enhance them. Racialized, binary or non-binary and cultural identities help shape intersectionality.


The need for humor, after several consecutive crises, in two generations --Millennials and Gen Z. Visual humor as an escape route and for viral communication. Maximum expression with minimum resources and a language of contrasts.


The interaction with technology and cross-media connectivity made us transition from a tangible environment to a hybrid one, where we no longer differentiate whether we are online or offline. Technology becomes a natural part of ourselves. A gamified digital reality leads to the possibilities afforded by the Metaverse.


A team of experts in marketing, research, trends and communication. Flexible professionals, with a long experience, innovative spirit, and an open, curious attitude.



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